NBC has released a new promo for 'The Voice,' and it's three minutes of fun featuring all the coaches and host Carson Daly. The season premiere airs after the Super Bowl on Feb. 5 and as coach Blake Shelton so eloquently put it, "If you don't watch 'The Voice' after the Super Bowl this year, you probably don't have have any friends." You tell 'em, Blake! All the cool kids watch 'The Voice.'

Daly points out that Season 2 is where fans will see the foundation on which the show was built. But coach Adam Levine said it best: "The blind audition is the most exciting part of the show. I don't want to think about whether I am going to turn my chair around. I want to feel it."

Sole female coach Christina Aguilera points out that it takes a strong woman to put up with all those bickering and bantering boys, but in the end, "We're still a family." That's what really makes the show work, and let's hope that the coaches don't get all 'X Factor' on us with too much scripting arguing over who has the better contestants!

See ya on Feb. 5, if you have any friends!

Watch a New 'The Voice' Promo