As 'Voice' judge Christina Aguilera put it, "There are good singers, but then there are great singers." Nicole Nelson is definitely the latter, and she blew the rest of her competition out of the water on the third round of blind auditions on 'The Voice.' The longtime aspiring star left us with goosebumps after her powerful rendition of Leonard Cohen's beautiful folk ballad 'Hallelujah.' 

When you aren't a super famous performer, it can sometimes prove difficult to make ends meet off of a singing career -- something Nelson's father forewarned. However, the gorgeous Vermont native never gave up, saying, "I've been singing since I was talking. I didn't think I could do it. My dad always said that you're Whitney Houston or you're a street peddler, but he's wrong." Despite her nerves -- she admitted feeling overwhelmed at the opportunity -- she had the most emotive and stunning performance of the evening.

Nelson had a good strategy when it came to singing 'Hallelujah,' allowing her vocals to naturally progress with the song. All four of the judges listened intently as her vocals swelled and built, and Adam Levine was the first to notice the extreme, 'Dreamgirls'-like power in her voice, pushing his button as soon as she hit her first big note. The other three then followed suit as she really began to belt out the iconic lyrics.

Afterwards, Aguilera told Nelson, "That was gorgeous. Thank you waking me up and exciting me. That's what this compeition is about ... You have something so magical." Cee Lo Green and Levine also had extremely positive things to say, but when Blake Shelton began to spout off some (charismatic) nonsense about being organic, his bro Adam shut him up by saying, "Like organic bulls--- comes out of your mouth." LOL! Oh, you guys.

But choosing a coach is no laughing matter for the contestants! After much debate, Nelson ended up choosing Adam as her coach -- a shocking move since she said she was thinking 'Blake, Blake, Blake" before she came onstage -- and you could tell the Maroon 5 frontman was giddy about beating out his country counterpart... and for winning over one of the most talented singers in the competition, of course!