Patrick Dodd sang a soulful rendition of ‘Walking in Memphis’ on ‘The Voice’ tonight (April 2) – an appropriate song choice, given that he hails from Memphis, Tenn. His performance caused Shakira to hit her buzzer, followed closely by Adam Levine, and the coaches proceeded to try to win him over.

Dodd got married and started a family at a very young age, which consequently launched him into the working world to provide for his wife and kids. However, as time wore on, he realized that music was his true passion, so with the support of his family, he took to playing on Beale Street “300 days a year.”

Although Usher didn’t turn around for Dodd, he said he was impressed by the range and character in his vocal delivery. “You have so much soul in your voice, and your performance was so effortless,” gushed Shakira. Levine cited “the density, the rasp and the soul” as qualities he admired in Dodd’s voice.

Despite the fact that Shakira pleaded her case quite passionately, the singer went with his gut and ultimately chose Team Adam. We’re excited to hear more from him as Season 4 of ‘The Voice’ continues.