Immediately following the Super Bowl was a smart move for ratings, but tonight's premiere of 'The Voice' may not even have needed the help. The diverse singers showcased on the first episode was captivating with or without a captive audience.

The coaches had their usual bickering -- or, as Cee Lo Green put it regarding Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera, "sexual tension" -- with some truly unusual talent.

The coaches were all passionate about their own choices, though they didn't always need to fight for their singers.

Country cutie RaeLynn, 17, performed a track by Blake Shelton's wife, Miranda Lambert, called 'Hell on Heels.' Host Carson Daly warned her that it was a risky move, but she was unfazed -- and good thing for that! Levine, who pressed his button first, and Shelton both wound up fighting over her, but Shelton came out victorious. Blame it on his connections!

Jesse Campbell was the first contestant this season with a heartbreaking back story, as well as the first to be fought over by every coach. His rendition of 'A Song for You' by Ray Charles gave Levine goosebumps, while Cee Lo Green said he was "touched deep down." The panel all wanted him after his very first note, but Christina Aguilera ultimately won out, promising to fight for Campbell.

With his unique, acoustic take on 'Animal' by Neon Trees, Daniel Rosa was the first performer that none of the judges jumped at, though they all encouraged him to keep singing and work harder.

Rosa was a far cry from the next contestant, Juliet Simms, a rocker performing the Beatles' 'Oh! Darling.' Levine, Cee Lo and Aguilera all wanted her! "You obviously brought the house down ... you blew my socks off," Aguilera gushed. She then picked on Levine for being a "car salesman," while Cee Lo relied on flattery -- and won!

Chris Mann, an opera singer with a cancer-stricken mom, impressed all of the judges with his vocal ability. However, his unique style only won over Aguilera and Cee Lo. When asked why he chose to sing an Andrea Bocelli song, 'Because We Believe,' Mann's answer was almost as moving as his performance: “I’ve tried to shrink my voice down to fit in. I decided for this show I was just going to sing like myself.”

Tony Lucca was next, sharing a past with Aguilera. No, he wasn't an ex-lover or anything scandalous! He was a co-star with the diva on 'The Mickey Mouse Club'! Performing 'Trouble' with his acoustic guitar, every judge turned their chair for him. Levine even convinced Cee Lo to turn his! Levine's passion for Lucca got him on his team.

The judges' chemistry, when paired with the undeniable vocal ability of the contestants, is proving this season of 'The Voice' to be even better than the last.