We couldn't be more thrilled about this episode of 'The Voice.' Not just because it means we're one step closer to finding out who'll be crowed "the voice" of the third season, but because our girl Christina Aguilera performed on stage tonight, alongside Cee Lo Green, to debut her song 'Make the World Move' off her just-today (Nov. 13) released album 'Lotus.'

Of course, Blake Shelton was in attendance, as was Adam Levine, who tweeted that an audience member said he looked like Woody from 'Toy Story' -- and now we cannot get that image out of our heads, despite the fact that Levine's plaid was green and navy, not yellow and red.

Aguilera and Green's performance was outrageous as usual, with Aguilera debuting a light pink hued afro of sorts and Green carrying a staff with a small crystal ball on top . Her outfit was pretty out there as well: she donned sequined thigh high white boots, a large crown and a white leotard under a strapless gown, its hemline cut just as high as the leotard and fanning out behind her.

'Make the World Move' is a helluva catchy song, and their voices sound phenomenal together, but Aguilera has much better songs on 'Lotus' that she could've chosen as her second single. But we understand why she'd choose to release one with a fellow coach.

A second performance by Jason Aldean filled the one-hour episode. But at least contestants Dez Duron and Bryan Keith helped him out on 'That's the Only Way I Know.'

Team Cee Lo also performed 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees and it was spectacular for the most obvious reasons: Cee Lo wore a wig, Trevin Hunte wore a wig, Cody Belew's voice hit notes to rival Cee Lo's and Nicholas David looked at him in his 70's attire. This was a performance of epic proportions.

Team Blake also performed. They opted for 'Life is a Highway' by the Rascal Flatts, most likely so Shelton can strum on that guitar of his. Their voices blended nicely, but they're very boring on a stage all together. The one thing we walked away from this performance with? Cassadee Pope needs to refrain from putting her left arm up in the air all the darn time.

Below are the list of contestants (and their respective coaches), who are safe:

Team Adam:

Team Christina:

Team Cee Lo:

  • Nicholas David
  • Trevin Hunte
  • Cody Belew

Team Blake:

GOING HOME: Adriana Louise (Team Christina) and Michaela Paige (Team Blake)

See you next week!