Welcome back 'Voice' viewers! Tonight (Oct. 22) will only be an hour installment thanks to the final Presidential debate, and considering this is the final week of battle rounds, we imagine they're going to pack as much as they can into one 60 minute episode.


Alexis Marceaux vs. Daniel RosaIt was a battle of will for these two. Rosa auditioned for a second time and finally got a chair to turn around, and Marceaux was still dealing with aftermath from Hurricane Katrina. Cee Lo and co-mentor Rob Thomas chose 'Whataya Want From Me' by Adam Lambert (ugh, but why), and immediately, Marceaux's classical training was a roadblock and Rosa's nerves and lack of confidence got the best of him, especially when it came to hitting the high notes. Battle: Both did the best they could with the boring song from two years ago, but Rosa's vocals were most memorable. He was able to hit the low registers and his vocal capabilities would give Cee Lo something to work with, whereas Marceaux, while on pitch most of the time, was a bit softer and more demure.

Winner: Daniel Rosa


Brandon Mahone vs Nicole NelsonPoor Brandon, he was so nervous during their rehearsal to Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough,' and duet partner/competition Nicole's stellar vocals, that he forgot the words. Both Adam and his co-mentor Mary J. Blige both heard the talent, but reassured him, telling him everything that's setting him up for failure (his worries of doing this to save his family from poverty) should be used to make his performance a positive. He improved upon their final rehearsal, leaving Nicole shaking in her heels. Battle: Their duet was hilarious - in a really great way. She's taller and 10 years older than he is, so the chemistry was awesomely bad. But vocally, they each gave each other something to compete with. Brandon was charming and more playful and Nicole took her coaches words of pulling back too literally, as she needed to let loose a bit.

Winner: Nicole Nelson


Devyn Deloera vs MarissaAnn: Deloera auditioned with Aguilera's own 'Ain't No Other Man' and gave jsut a so-so performance, so we're still wondering why she's here. MarissaAnn's audition wasn't aired, so it was exciting to see what she'd bring to the table during their performance to En Vogue's 'Free Your Mind.' During rehearsals, though, Deloera was literally all over the place, trying to impress her coach and and co-mentor Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, but she was trying too hard. She surprisingly could hit the notes. MarissaAnn offered something fresh to the song, and Aguilera liked the ad libs she added to the song, but the battle is where it counts. Battle: Both girls had incredibly powerful voices - especially little MelissaAnn who's just 15 - and were very "in your face" and gritty; and previews showed us that one of them would be stolen, so both walk away a winner tonight. Now on to the biggest problem: someone needs to put pants on Devyn Deloera.

Winner: Devyn Deloera | Steal: Blake Shelton stole MarissaAnn

Unseen Battle Pairs + Winners:

Team Adam: Brian Scartocci vs Loren Allred | Winner - Loren Allred

Team Adam: Joe Kirkland vs Samuel Mouton | Winner - Joe Kirkland

Team Blake: Ryan Jirovec vs Cassadee Pope | Winner - Cassadee Pope (A little shocked they didn't air this battle round in its entirety, considering Pope's pretty well known. No PR plant tonight!)

Tomorrow night marks the end of the battle rounds! Christina Aguilera false eyelashes for everyone!

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