It was the final week of 'The Voice' battle rounds and each coach had to make their final hard decision of sending their charges up against one another. The battle rounds are over, the teams are complete and the live shows begin next week. Each coach took to instilling confidence in their team members and worked to pull them out of their shells as best as possible, along with having them trying something new.

Adam Levine went first, pitting Jeff Jenkins and Casey Desmond against one another, in a classic battle of obvious favorite versus the dark horse. Levine had the two polar opposites sing Elton John's 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me,' since the song is a show stopper. He chose Jenkins for his simple but mind-blowing style.

Christina Aguilera was also about making her singers Lily Elise and Cherie Oakley do something they were unaccustomed to and had them attempt the pop rock juggernaut 'Since U Been Gone,' which elevated Kelly Clarkson from 'American Idol' winner to superstar. Their voices were more at odds then they were complementary. That is, until the fiery, angry girl bridge kicked in. Both singers are ladies after Aguilera's own heart, so her decision was difficult, but she eventually chose Lily.

Cee Lo Green's remaining team members, country boy Curtis Grimes and punk rock queen Emily Valentine, had to duet on Lady Antebellum's 'Need You Now.' He encouraged the singers to find the pain and tension implicit in this love song and to capitalize on it in their performances in order to resonate with the viewers. Grimes and Valentine took those words to heart and took it a step further, making out for a hot second at the end of the performance. Grimes was in his element and he advanced to the live shows and sparked rumors of romance with Valentine.

Blake Shelton was all about building confidence with his final two team members in order the bolster his overall team for the live shows. Xenia and Sara Oromochi sang The Pretender's 'I'll Stand By You.' Both are bashful, so Shelton adopted a "Let's see who stands out in the duet" approach. The song was also performed successfully on 'American Idol' by Pia Toscano, but she was, well, a ballad specialist. Xenia and Oromchi struggled with the song, but Xenia's unique tone got her an extension to the live shows.

Tune in to 'The Voice' next week, when the shows go live.