Believe it or not, we got "live" coverage of 'The Voice' last night, Oct. 30, which is uber awesome considering we're stoked about the knockout rounds.

The previous night, we saw Team Adam and Team Cee Lo go, and tonight it was Team Aguilera and Team Shelton fighting to make it to the live rounds.

And without further ado..


Devyn Deloera vs. Laura Vivas: Deloera decided on Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' and her coach was concerned about how her nerves would take over and the lack of gestures coming from her ingenue. Her performance was good and she clearly took Aguilera's critiques to heart, but we were more focused on her big '80s hair than we were for her voice. Vivas, who decided on a Spanglish version of Marc Anthony's 'I Need to Know,' was fierce and her stage presence was more vivacious than that of her competitor, and her salsa dancing was muy caliente and grande. Although we felt Vivas' overall performance was much better, Aguilera felt differently.


Adriana Louise vs. Celica Westbrook: Both Louise and Westbrook were powerful stars on Team Christina, so it's no wonder she paired them together in order to weed out the "worst" of the two. Louise chose Kelly Clarkson's 'Already Gone' because she wanted a ballad, but... that ballad is kind of a curse for this show. Sixteen-year-old Westbrook chose Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' simply due to the fact that she felt it was age appropriate. Both performances were fine, but neither were truly awe-inspiring, especially Westbrook's rendition of Bieber's song solely due to the fact that it wasn't extraordinarily challenging for the girl with the raspy voice. Aguilera had a hard time considering both "showcased tremendous challenge," but she could only choose one.


Alessandra Guercio vs. Dez DuronGuercio came to Team Christina by way of the steal, and it was as if Aguilera regretted the choice because she didn't hear what she wanted during rehearsals. During her take on Rihanna's 'Take a Bow,' the rasp that Aguilera craved was very present, and after a rough and pitchy start, she thankfully picked it up at the end. Duron has a face that doesn't quit and could truly get by on looks alone (anyone looking to start a boy band?!). He opted for Lionel Richie's 'Stuck on You' and what appeared less than promising during rehearsals, proved otherwise during the finals. And Duron clearly has a crush on his coach, because he was definitely singing to Christina. He was a shoe in because she was a sucker for it. As were we.


Chevonne vs. De'borah: Chevonne also makes her way to Team Christina via the steal and chose 'Dancing With Myself' by our god Billy Idol. It can be a tricky song any vocalist given the many breaks the song offers. Her performance was energetic to say the least and she switched it up a bit by adding a reggae-inspired second verse (blasphemous!). Her voice was powerful enough, sure, but De'borah's tone during the Fray's 'You Found Me' out-shined that of Chevonne, and she was far more consistent than her predecessor.


Aquile vs. Sylvia YacoubAquile's version of Bruno Mars' 'Grenade' and immediately started a bit too quickly. His voice was smooth and gritty, but was lacking in the stage presence department, which was unfortunate as he's talented enough for the competition. Yacoub's decision to sing Aguilera's song 'Fighter' was either going to make or break her. The main problem here is her incessant mimicking of Aguilera on her rendition of the song. It was far too similar to the original version, which made it annoying because she offered nothing different. But she sang Christina's song and as much as we laaaahve Christina, we knew she'd go for her own pick.



Gracia Harrison vs. Liz DavisAh yes, the battle of the yodeler and the country music star, which will probably happen often on Team Blake. Harrison sang Aerosmith's 'Don't Wanna Miss a Thing' and it was ambitious for the yodeling diva to take on a tough rock song, but she sang it well and made it her own with the twang in her voice. Davis yet again chose a Miranda Lambert song -- most likely to suck up to her coach -- but she had a heck of a set of pipes during her performance of 'Gunpowder & Lead.' Adam Levine didn't think Harrison's choice was good enough in a round such as the knockouts, and Shelton felt "confused" by her song choice also.


Rudy Parris vs. Terry McDermott: Chris Brown's 'Forever' was the song choice for Parris, who chose it to tackle the pop music world and to make the song his own, which he certainly did. 'Forever' was near-unrecognizable until he got to the chorus, but nonetheless, it proved to be an odd song choice. McDermott sang Paul McCartney's 'Maybe I'm Amazed' beautifully -- we didn't expect anything less from one of the few frontrunners of the competition. He was pitch perfect, strong, and was in complete control of his vocals. Mcdermott was easily, easily, the winner of this round.


Collin McLouglin vs. Michaela Paige: McLoughlin's version of 'Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)' by the Script had a nice falsetto, and he sang it perfectly well, but would it be enough to compete with Paige's killer stage presence? Paige's song choice was predictable: 'Love is a Battlefield' by Pat Benatar. Her vocals were fine, but the girl is a walking stereotype for whatever rebellious, punk-type she's aiming for, and enough is enough already. Aguilera felt Paige had a "connection" with the song and Cee Lo noted that Paige was "cut from the same cloth as me," but the final choice was up to Shelton.


Julio Cesar Castillo vs. MarissaAnn: Castillo was another artist who chose a Justin Bieber song, and this time around, it was 'Somebody to Love.' His vocals were strong and vocally, he brought something new to the song, taking it from Bieber-pop to another level. The downside was that he was so focused on the song vocal-wise, that he lacked any real entertainment ability as he just casually walked from one end of the ring to the other. MarissaAnn's version of 'Lady Marmalade' was far superior, as were her vocals. She was strong and consistent, and was playful in her performance, something we already know the coaches die for. The look on Castillo's face said it all: he knew he lost, but wait... there goes Blake Shelton with the curveball!


Cassadee Pope vs. Suzanna ChoffelWe had a pretty hard time stomaching this knockout round, as we were confident Pope would make it through. She was the lead singer of the band Hey Monday and would surely come out somewhere near the top on the show. Pope chose Maroon 5's 'Payphone' because "it was the perfect range for me, and I can sing it full voice." She was a bit pitchy to begin with, and appeared more nervous than usual, but when she got to the chorus, she totally owned it. Choffel decided to choose 'Could You Be Loved' by Bob Marley to show off more of her vibe than her vocals, which could prove to be a huge mistake for a singing competition. Her rendition was good, and she was strong in her performance, but the lack of range the song provided made it boring and was an obvious poor song choice for the competition. Anyone else think she chose the more laid-back song on purpose so Pope would be the clear winner of her knockout round?


With that, the last of the four teams were cut in half. Next week brings us to the live playoffs, where us viewers will have a say as to who goes and who stays. We'll see three days of 'The Voice' next week: Monday and Wednesday bring the playoffs for the 20 remaining contestants, and Thursday, the viewers will have their say, bringing the total down to 12.

So get your fingers ready, kids, because every... vote... counts!

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