Tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice’ (April 23) brought the season's last battle rounds, and coaches Shakira, Adam Levine, Usher and Blake Shelton were forced to make some very difficult decisions regarding who to keep and who to send home.

Due to the abundance of steals that took place last night, only one judge wound up nabbing a singer from an opposing team tonight. Here’s the breakdown of the evening’s battle rounds:


Brandon Roush vs. Shawna P.: Their intense duet of Janis Joplin’s ‘Piece of My Heart’ proved that despite their significant age difference, they're fairly equal in terms of vocal talent. Usher praised both singers for delivering “two different experiences of an incredible, classic record.” Shakira complimented Roush for doing the classic rock tune justice. “I don’t ever think I’ve heard a man sing a Janis Joplin song so well like you did today,” she said. But his opponent won in the end. [SHAWNA P. WON!]

Cathia vs. Mary Miranda: The two young songstresses gave a passionate, heartfelt performance of Shakira’s ‘Antes De Las Seis.’ The duet impressed all of the judges – even those who don’t know a lick of Spanish. “I didn’t know what y’all were singing about, but I’m pretty sure it was me and how much you love me,” kidded Shelton. Shakira had a very tough decision to make, but ultimately chose Miranda because of her “signature voice” and charisma. [MARY MIRANDA WON!]

Steal: Usher hit his buzzer to steal Cathia just seconds after she said her goodbyes and began to walk away from ‘The Voice’ stage. “I can really do incredible things with you, because you have an incredible voice,” he remarked with confidence. [USHER STOLE CATHIA FROM TEAM SHAKIRA!]


Duncan Kamakana vs. Sarah Simmons: Their rendition of Lady Antebellum’s ‘Wanted You More’ was a clear favorite. “I loved that performance. Sarah, you’re one of my favorite singers I’ve ever heard in my life,” said Shelton. Usher agreed that Simmons woke the entire room up with her voice. Levine praised them both for doing an amazing job, but picked Simmons as the winner. [SARAH SIMMONS WON!]

Amy Whitcomb vs. Agina Alvarez: The two ladies rocked out onstage to Pat Benatar’s ‘Heartbreaker,’ and Levine ended up sending Alvarez home. [AMY WHITCOMB WON!]


Michelle Chamuel vs. Chelsea M.: The duo sang a powerful version of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium.’ [MICHELLE CHAMUEL WON!]


Justin Rivers vs. the Morgan Twins: It was two against one as Rivers took the stage alongside the Morgan sisters to perform ‘Easy’ by Rascal Flatts, but he emerged the victor. [JUSTIN RIVERS WON!]

Be sure to tune in to ‘The Voice’ next Monday (April 29) for the first series of knockout rounds! In the meantime, check out a bunch of videos from tonight’s episode below.

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