We've finally made it! Treat yourselves to an early piece of Halloween candy 'Voice' fans, because tonight marks the last night of the battle rounds, and it's been quite the journey. We love the show, truly, but this season seems to be going on for-ev-er.

So let's get right down to it!


Adriana Louise vs Jordan Pruitt: During the blind auditions, we learned Louise and her family were a victim of kidnapping, and Pruitt way the one-time Disney star looking for a second chance. The pure pop stars were given Katy Perry's 'Hot N Cold' to sing, and Pruitt immediately won her coach over. Meanwhile, Louise just wasn't giving enough. Both were comfortable with the song and were able to tap into Perry's tone, but Aguilera wanted them both to take risks so they could each have a solo moment. Battle: Both women brought something fierce to the competition. They each took Aguilera's suggestion to take risks literally, as they both ad libbed up a storm and added notes where they weren't necessarily required, but made it interesting and fun. To sum it up, we could watch these two battle all night long. Aguilera has a helluva choice to make, and since she's the only coach left with a steal, we feel sorry for the loser. Harsh, we know.

Winner: Adriana Louise


Kelly Crapa vs Michaela PaigeThe 16 and 15-year-olds made co-mentor Michael Buble feel old, naturally, which just made us realize how many youngins there are in the game. Blake chose Joan Jett's 'I Hate Myself for Loving You.' Paige had the general advantage since she's the punk rocker and Crapa was the country star, so the rehearsals were kind of "meh." The final rehearsal proved interesting: Paige was super confident in her abilities and Crapa rose to the occasion, but we kinda got the feeling that Paige thought she was hot stuff because she was singing a Joan Jett song. Whatevs. Battle: Both were strong contenders to remain on the show, but seriously, Ms. Paige needs to chill on her arrogance because she's sure coming off cocky.

Winner: Michaela Paige


Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne: The 15-year-old Wilson got all four judges to turn around during his blind audition, and Chevonne was Lady Gaga's professional background singer, but was a bit lackluster and pitchy, so seeing them tackle 'Titanium' by David Guetta feat. Sia should be interesting. Surprisingly during the rehearsal, Chevonne was pitch perfect and Wilson was hesitant and pitchy (did they switch bodies?!). But we knew Aguilera had a steal left, so ... let's just move on to the battle to see who Cee Lo decides to keep. (Avery Wilson nailed it, he won as far as we're concerned.)

Battle: Avery Wilson | Steal: Christina Aguilera stole Chevonne - duh!

We're currently wiping that Halloween chocolate off of our faces. See you in the Knockout Rounds, where each contestant will face off against a co-team member in order to cut the teams in halves.


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