17-year-old Savannah Berry ended tonight’s blind auditions episode of ‘The Voice’ (April 2) with a bang, performing a truly beautiful and jaw-dropping rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe and Sound.’ She had coach Adam Levine’s attention after just the first few notes, and Shakira and Blake Shelton turned around soon after.

Despite her young age, she already has some pretty amazing musical experiences under her belt, such as singing a duet with pop-country duo Sugarland. Berry decided to homeschool in order to focus on her music, but she doesn’t regret giving up the life of a normal teenager to pursue her dream.

The three judges who hit their buzzers proceeded to fight to have her on their team, which caused an entertaining bout of onstage banter to ensue; but once Berry admitted to being a huge fan of Miranda Lambert (who just so happens to be Shelton's wife), it was game over for Shakira and Levine.

However, the other two ‘Voice’ coaches continued to plead their cases. “What I heard was something that couldn’t be ignored,” Levine persisted. “Go with the person who believed first. I know we can do amazing things.” Shakira confidently stated, “I know I’m gonna win this season, and I know I’m gonna win it with you.”

In the end, Berry chose Shelton as her coach, as we all knew she would. What an amazing win for Team Blake!