All the finalists from Season 1 of 'The Voice' returned to the stage on tonight's (May 1) elimination/results episode to perform.

Dia Frampton, last season's overall runner up and finalist for Team Blake Shelton, who took her on tour with him, performed her new song 'Kick the Chair' with an assist from Kid Cudi, adding a little urban flavor and flair to the live rendition. My, what a difference a year makes, too. Frampton has come out of her shell on stage, shedding some of her signature (and cute) shyness, instead showing off confidence and adding a little more movin' and groovin' to her overall stage presence. Frampton also looks great with longer hair.

The sassy and bold Vicci Martinez, who cropped her hair, performed her new single 'Come Along' with her coach Cee Lo Green. It was touching to see that Cee Lo keeps the members of Team Red close to his heart and in his life. Cee Lo also appears on the recorded version of the song, so when he said he will support his team members through and through, that ain't lip service. He followed through. Dressed in black, he and Vicci, whose debut is out on iTunes, brought it.

Beverly McClellan, who represented Christina Aguilera last season, teamed up with Cyndi Lauper for 'Money Changes Everything,' which was a hit in the '80s. The bald and beautiful Bev and the blonde and bluesy Cyndi rocked it together. It was like a friendly diva battle took place on that stage. Both have big voices and raw stage presence, and it was loud and fun.

Season 1 winner Javier Colon, who represented Adam Levine, sat at the piano and performed his new single, the power ballad 'A Drop in the Ocean.' He was topped off by his trademark baseball cap, which gives him a boyish appeal. His voice is just so beautiful. Mid-song, he stood up and walked towards the crowd and hit some major, major notes. The camera flashed to Levine, who supposedly rejected the idea of performing with Colon. He clapped for his former teammate, but didn't look like a proud, beaming coach. Granted, he's not anymore, but still.

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