NBC has released a new clip of Season 2 of 'The Voice' and in it, singer Lindsey Pavao, who looks a bit like Kristen Stewart, tackles Trey Songz's 'Say Aah' so well that three of the coaches turn their big red space chairs around. She was that good.

At first, the judges all looked pensive and serious while listening to and absorbing her. Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton go at her the hardest, trying to woo her with compliments.

Aguilera turns around first, hitting her buzzer with a heavily blinged hand.

Pavao has a soulful, romantic voice and unusual hair – it's brown and curly on one side, shaved on the other. The always quippy Shelton was quick to point that out, saying, "I loved your voice and your hair is bad a---." He compared her to Fiona Apple, and Pavao said that Apple is one of her influences.

Xtina butts right in, trying to woo her by flirting, saying she loves Apple too and playing with her platinum locks, pushing them to the side in a show of solidarity. Seriously, we thought Xtina was going to ask her on a date with how strong she came on. Aguilera adds that she doesn't want to change Pavao's voice: "I want to play with you," she said, to which Shelton made a typical sarcastic comment about that being weird.

Overall, Pavao was smiling and blushing. After all, she also had Cee Lo Green vying for her. So, who will she choose? Blake, Christina or Cee Lo? Tune in when Season 2 of 'The Voice' starts on Feb. 5.

PS: We think she should go with Blake.

Watch 'The Voice' Teaser Featuring Lindsey Pavao