First, the Wanted announced that they will star in their own E! reality show this summer, airing sometime in June. Yes, we've already made notes on our calendars about it. Then the boys followed up that spot of good news with the big reveal that their new album, supposedly titled 'Third Strike,' will be out as early as October.

In a Twitter chat with fans, the band revealed that the new album could drop on Oct. 7. That's only eight months away, which is not long at all.

The boys in the Wanted are all about the good news as of late, aren't they?

You can scroll to the 3:10 mark in the video chat to see and hear Max George, Tom Parker and co. comment on the upcoming album. Warning: the dudes look confused in the beginning, since they are live chatting, and Nathan Sykes is off camera for a few.

Max says he doesn't know the release date of 'Third Strike' and we think that it's Nathan who says Oct. 7. But that's not confirmed or concrete. Tom even jokes about waiting until next year.

So while we have nothing set in stone, at least we have a roundabout date.

Then they tell us to keep calm and drink tea.

Oh Brits.