The Wanted are camped out on an urban rooftop in the video for their new single (and soon-to-be hit) 'Chasing the Sun,' which follows the on-the-radio-every-five-seconds mega smash 'Glad You Came.' The party keeps going on and on and on, proving these U.K. boys have serious stamina. Chasing that big ol' star in these sky is hard work, metaphorically or not.

The video is shot in dark tones, indicating that it's after hours and there is much more fun to be had. They are, as the lyrics state, playing in the dark. Uh, yeah, I am sure we can find a million girls who want to play with the Wanted while the rest of the world sleeps. Twist their arms, why don't ya?

But back to the vid. The boys dance in a club, pick up hot chicks at the bar, share some drinks, hold hands, scope out sun tattoos and hang out with said hotties in the street. What lucky girls they are to enjoy some quality time with the one of the biggest boy bands on the planet.

They hit the next spot and eventually the sun comes up, as it always does, while the Wanted dudes groove it out on the rooftop. But that doesn't mean that the fun is over. As if. The Wanted flash more dance moves and look no worse for wear, even after all that singing and dancing and partying with hotties.

Some people are just blessed.

If you've ever had a night you didn't want to end, the 'Chasing the Sun' vid will remind you of it.

Watch the Wanted 'Chasing the Sun' Video