The Wanted took the stage at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards to perform their addictive new single 'Chasing the Sun,' which is so hot it could live at the center of the sun itself. While they started there, it's not where they finished, as they turned in a two-song medley which also included their mega smash 'Glad You Came.'

The fab and styling boys, dressed in jeans, sneakers and leather jackets, had the fans in the crowd going absolutely wild from the minute the first note sounded. The crowd members were flailing their hands and jumping throughout the whole song. They started off with 'Chasing the Sun' and then finished with 'Glad You Came,' performing the latter smash while standing on a riser, showing off their slick and sexy dance moves.

We loved the "eye of the tiger" that Max George adopts while performing. He's so focused, intense and serious. We also noticed that the girls really seem to go the most nuts for Nathan Sykes.

If we had been in Las Vegas in the auditorium, we'd have been jumping up and down with the Wanted.

Clearly, they are so much more than the "boy band" tag that has been assigned to them. They are talented and they love what they are doing. No wonder they Wanted have had so much success.

Watch the Wanted Perform 'Chasing the Sun' + 'Glad You Came' at the 2012 Billboard Awards