The Wanted are getting animated … sort of.

The boys revealed that their latest single 'Chasing the Sun,' which is a continuation of the party theme that dominated their bouncy breakthrough smash 'Glad You Came,' will be the theme song for the forthcoming film 'Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.' Those animated films are mega blockbusters, so this is another placement that will propel the Wanted's superstar status even further in the U.S.

The band shared the good news on its Facebook page. In case you are not up on U.K. slang, "chuffed" loosely translates to "happy."

Below is their post on the matter:

"We are really chuffed to announce Chasing The Sun is going to be the title track to the new movie Ice Age 4 Continental Drift!!! So awesome, make sure you're looking out for it on the big screens soon!"

'Ice Age 4' is dripping with pop stars in its voice cast, with Jennifer Lopez, Drake and Nicki Minaj all having voice roles in the film. It drops July 13 at multiplex.

Maybe the Wanted dudes will have an animated cameo in the fifth installment of this famed franchise? You never know. The Wanted fans would be really chuffed about that.