What better place for the U.K.'s The Wanted to dish dirt than on 'Chelsea Lately?' The feisty late-night hostess with the mostest, Chelsea Handler, grilled the guys on everything from their ages to their drinking habits to their accents, to hilarious responses.

First things were first. The outspoken Handler asked the guys how old they are, knowing one of them (Nathan Sykes) is underage. "Age of consent?" Max George asked, cheekily. Oh, those Brits!

Handler then pointed out that Sykes "looks a little like Justin Bieber." Ever humble, Sykes laughed, "If somebody did something horrible to his face, possibly." Don't be so hard on yourself, mate!

Handler kept asking the blokes questions in part just because she loved hearing them speak. "I like the British accents, this is real cute!" She even made Siva Kaneswaran prove to her on how his Irish accent is different from the rest of the group's British ones.

The guys said that they came to Handler's show in Los Angeles from Las Vegas, where they performed. "We did a lot of things there," Kaneswaran said. "Yeah, a lot of things we can't remember," Tom Parker added. Parker even revealed that they "somehow wound up" in Hugh Hefner's Playboy suite! We'd love to know exactly how that went down, wouldn't you?

Soon, Handler was ready to talk business. She faux-contritely asked who wrote their song, 'Glad You Came,' and pointed out the innuendos within it. She also inquired about The Wanted's formation. "Were you arranged by some sort of Simon Cowell?" Handler asked.

"She was much hotter than Simon Cowell," Jay McGuiness said. "A woman mastermind."

When their song 'Glad You Came' on 'Glee' was brought up, the guys revealed their excitement ... Or lack there of. "My sister went mental," Sykes said. "She was screaming on the phone, she went absolutely crazy." When the band showed little enthusiasm for the feature, Handler deadpanned, "So, you're all straight." Way to stereotype, Chels!

The guys revealed that they do have a big gay following and that they often perform in gay clubs. They love all their fans, but they love performing at gay venues for an interesting reason, according to Parker: "It's a great place to pick up girls." McGuiness explained, "It's like having 500 wingmen, because once they know that we're nice and we're singing songs that they like, they're like, 'Okay,' to their girlfriends, 'these guys are alright.'"

Another thing they do performing when they're not flirting? Imbibing. When Handler asked if the guys drink before they perform, Parker admitted, "Sometimes too much." He pointed at McGuiness and said, "We were doing a club the other day in L.A., and I've never seen someone sway so much while trying to sing in my entire life." A sheepish McGuiness laughed, "It was in time to the beat, it counts."

The guys looked like they were having a lot of fun with the outspoken Ms. Handler. Based on what we've heard of their exploits so far, we can't wait to hear what dirt they dish on their arena tour -- and maybe soon on Justin Bieber!

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