Just when you thought that the Wanted/Christina Aguilera feud had simmered down, the boys stoked the fires of discontent.

While Tom Parker called the singer a "b----" during an interview and then semi-apologized for it, his bandmate Jay McGuiness has now taken a shot at Xtina, saying that they dislike her and that she lacks manners. Ouch!

Someone call Tony Lucca, who experienced tension with the singer as contestant on 'The Voice,' since he and the Wanted appear to be in the same boat when it comes to beefing with the diva singer. Come to think of it, Justin Bieber is also in that boat, as Xtina snubbed him, too. This is turning into a PR nightmare for her, but that's a whole other story.

"We unanimously think that Christina lacks any kind of courtesy or manners or respect for people performing for her on the day,” the adorbs McGuiness told The Metro. “And we’re not the only ones that say it. She’s had run-ins with so many people.” Again, Tony, you reading this?

McGuiness continued, "On a first impression basis as a person I would say I dislike Christina Aguilera. When we met Britney, she was so friendly. Very innocent. The dude that told Siva to turn around was some pushy security." He is referencing the band's face-the-wall run in with Brit Brit. He continued, "The people around them, it's their job to be a little d---ish. Christina is probably the exception to that."

McGuiness was quick to say that the band isn't slagging on fellow pop stars. "We're just honest," he said. "We're not trying to make friends."

While that might sound like a poor attitude, it'll likely serve the band well.