Call it an episode of America's most "Wanted!"

British boy band the Wanted have watched their star ascend in the U.S., so they were more than happy to oblige audiences by performing their smash hit 'Glad You Came' on 'American Idol' during tonight's (April 5) elimination episode.

Yes, the girls in the crowd went absolutely wild for these adorable blokes who dance and sing as wonderfully as they look. They delivered a swoon-worthy performance, complete with confetti falling in the background as they finished. We love a dramatic ending of sorts.

When the boys reached into the crowd to hug their female fans after they finished doing their perf, the shrieking became more audible. The Wanted have that effect on the ladies.

As we watched the Wanted deftly and dexterously do their thing on 'Idol,' we were struck by how they are a complete and total package. They have it all: looks, talent, moves and Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun in their corner. All those things, coupled with their memorable songs, are ingredients in a recipe for huge success.

No wonder the girls are going nuts over these guys.

Hey, the Wanted, we're glad you came across the pond to win our hearts (in general) and we're even gladder (we know it's not a word, but we're using their song lyrics here!) you came into our lives tonight on 'Idol.'

Watch the Wanted Perform 'Glad You Came' on 'American Idol'