The Wanted took the stage at Capital FM's Summertime Ball on June 9, delivering a top notch rendition of their song 'Gold Forever' for a whopping 80,000 fans at London's Wembley Stadium. It was fun to see the boys perform a song other than 'Glad You Came' or 'Chasing the Sun,' simply because we've seen them rock those tunes so many times! However, you can also see their performance of the latter below, as well.

'Gold Forever' was the first single from their second album 'Battleground' and it's synthy and dancefloor friendly, like most of the group's songs. It's a little less effervescent than the aforementioned U.S. smash hits, but it's equally as entertaining.

It's also a feel good song that made us think of 'The Outsiders' and the famous, 'Stay gold, Ponyboy' quote!

During the Summertime Ball performance of 'Gold Forever,' the camera panned in on Max George the most. The ladies won't complain, though, since he is eye candy.

When Tom Parker commanded the crowd to jump, they obliged, and the boys joined their adoring fans in the bounce around fun. When they performed on the part of the stage that jutted out into the crowd, the screams could be heard over the music. The Wanted's fans will not be silenced. Nor should they be.

The Wanted boys are so in sync -- or is that 'N Sync? -- when they perform. The fans at Wembley should be proud of their fellow countrymen.

Watch the Wanted Perform 'Gold Forever'

Watch the Wanted Perform 'Chasing the Sun'