The Wanted gifted U.S. fans at midnight (April 10) with a brand new song called 'Heart Vacancy' from the forthcoming 'The Wanted' EP. They are such generous chaps, not to mention talented, adorable, beloved by teenage girls, good dancers, amazing singers, etc. We could go on and on and on. They've been dropping a new track from the EP every week and it was time for a 'Heart Vacancy.'

The boys took to Facebook to share that the song would now be available via iTunes, so if you've been getting your groove on to the band's smash hit 'Glad You Came' or if you've been digging on 'Lightning,' you may as well open your mind and your heart to 'Heart Vacancy.'

It's a sweet but never sappy ballad. It should bellow from the speakers at 8th grade dances all over this country of ours, thanks to its "date night" nature. The boys show us their sensitive sides with the song, letting us nuzzle up to their warm and fuzzy element. Don't you want The Wanted to be singing this song to you, asking for you to open your heart to them? Wouldn't you die?

The next official single by this British cuties will be 'Chasing the Sun,' but that doesn't drop until April 17 so you have a whole week to wait. But at least the band is satiating fans by releasing music with increasing frequency.

Head on over to iTunes to indulge in 'Heart Vacancy.' But watch the video before you nab the song. You can do so below.

Watch The Wanted 'Heart Vacancy' Video