Is there a new member of the Wanted? Have they supersized and added another singer to their ranks? Nah, that's just lip synching YouTube celeb Keenan Cahill performing 'I Found You' with the British boy band. Prepare to have a bellyache, because you will giggle mightily while watching this impromptu performance.

Doesn't Cahill fit in like he has become the sixth member of the band? He has expertly coordinated hand movements and falls totally in line with the rest of the band. Hey, if One Direction can morph into 1DB with Drew Brees, the Wanted can team up with Keenan Cahill, if only for three minutes.

Anyone catch the adorably, mop-topped Jay McGuinness disappear and then show up again? Where does he go for those fleeting seconds that he's off camera?

We also love Max George's New York Yankees T-shirt. And this is the most animated that we've ever seen Siva Kaneswaran and Nathan Sykes get in quite some time. They are having a good time.

Do yourself a favor and stick around to the very end, because Siva starts jumping while McGuiness busts plenty of moves. Tom Parker and Cahill also shake things up.

Too cute for words.