As promised, the Wanted unveiled their new single 'I Found You' today, and it's a poppy tune that sounds a lot like their breakthrough hit 'Glad You Came.'

Produced by Steve Mac, who also worked on 'Glad You Came,' the track opens with the same bouncing synths from that song but soon moves into a lengthy chorus sung entirely in falsetto. Lyrically, 'I Found You' recalls Rihanna's 'We Found Love,' with a story about discovering love in an unexpected place:

"I found you in my darkest hour / I found you in the pouring rain / I found you when I was on my knees / And your life brought me back again / Found you in a river of pure emotion / I found you, my only truth / I found you and the music playing / I was lost 'til I found you."

The tempo slows momentarily for a bridge in which the boys preach, "I said people, we're all looking for love tonight / Sometimes we can't see it / We're all blinded by the light."

By adding a little bit of R&B flavor to a pop song, the Wanted have expanded their sound and created what is likely to be another huge hit. 'I Found You' is the first single from the group's next album, which the guys are still actively recording.

Listen to the Wanted, 'I Found You'