A demo featuring the vocals of the Wanted's own Jay McGuiness has leaked. It's a sweet number with supportive lyrics called 'Out of Time (Only You).'

When you boil it down, the song is markedly different from 'Walks Like Rihanna,' the boy band's latest frothy hit that's for sure. And this is what we'd love to hear more of from the band and its members.

It's emotional and it's quite indie rock-like, not something we'd readily expect from the curly-mopped cutie, or the Wanted for that matter.

There's some slight harmonizing -- and remember, this is a demo, but it certainly sounds like a great start. It's not clear if this song was written for the band or by McGuiness for another artist to perform.

Whatever the case, we'd love to hear it in its finished form. We'd also love to hear more of this style from the boys. Unleash the beast!