After Justin Bieber had a really unpleasant exchange with a British paparazzo, he could use a little downtime -- and a little advice. Thank goodness his pals the Wanted are seasoned vets with U.K. press since it's their homeland. What tips did the boy band give to the boy wonder?

Jay McGuiness explained that the U.K. press are a lot meaner than their American counterparts. "Americans are more friendly," he told E!'s interviewer. "Except you. You're a d---."

Obviously, the curly-topped cutie was just joking! His advice to the Biebs? "Keep your head down and keep walking," McGuiness advised. "That's all I can really say." Tom Parker concurred with a nod.

Meanwhile, Max George had another tidbit: "Avoid loose women." Considering George hooked up -- rather publicly -- with Lindsay Lohan, it sounds like he's speaking from experience, if not necessarily on the topic at hand. Bandmates Nathan Sykes and Siva Kaneswaran laughed hysterically and gave thumbs up signs at the quip. George then added, "There's a lot of them in London!"

Here's hoping we see some of them on the band's upcoming E! reality series. They may make for bad girlfriends, but they also make for amazing TV.

Watch the Wanted Talk About the U.K. Press + Justin Bieber