While visiting Canada earlier this week, 'Glad You Came' hitmakers the Wanted treated one lucky fan to a round of kisses.

During a stop at MuchMusic studios, a blind-folded fan named Kimberly had to guess which members of the boy band were smooching her on the cheek.

Kimberly wasn't the only lucky one, however -- she was quite a striking young lady, and the Wanted guys obviously had no qualms about planting big old kisses on her cheek. Tom Parker, pictured left, even told her she could be a model!

Parker was actually the first one who kissed Kim, too, and she guessed it was him pretty much right away. It seemed like she was able to indentify which Wanted member was which by touching their hair, but we were taken a little off guard when she said she guessed Jay from his "smell."

So was Nathan apparently, who exclaimed, "His smell?!" Yeah, we were a little creeped out too...

Needless to say, she guessed them all right. We bet the other girls were so jealous!

Watch the Wanted Kiss a Fan at MuchMusic Studios