The Wanted are getting ready to drop their 'I Found You' EP. Hot on the heels of rivals One Direction, the Scooter Braun charges are chatting about their new music and plans to break even bigger in the U.S. In fact, the boys are thinking of moving to the States -- and televising it!

Tom Parker told The Sun that the band are making some big plans for this side of the pond. "We’re looking at getting a TV show in the U.S. and we want houses over there to have a base," he revealed. "We’re also in the frame to record a song for a big film sequel and we might get a cameo in it." He wouldn't say what the movie is, but since they contributed to the last 'Ice Age' flick, we think it may be the latest installment of that franchise. Just a hunch!

Parker also talked about the differences between their newer music and the singles that radio listeners may be familiar with (like 'Glad You Came'). When asked about the falsetto in 'I Found You,' he divulged, "It’s a bit different, isn’t it? A lot of people have said it sounds like Scissor Sisters or the Bee Gees on the chorus," he added. "The first listen everyone is like, 'What the f--- is that?' Then you get into the vibe. Not everyone likes it but we don’t want to stick to one thing. All our songs are quite different."

Fair enough, but who hits all those high notes? Considering the band is comprised of buff dudes, you don't envision such frequencies to come from them, but it turns out, two of the members carry the bulk of that responsibility. "Max [George] and Siva [Kaneswaran] take that on," Parker said. "For them it’s the easiest song we've done. It’s harder to belt out a big note than for them to go into falsetto."

Parker's aware that not everyone loves 'I Found You,' but at least he finds humor in it. He chuckled, "I was reading a review the other day which gave it one star and said we’d 'injected helium' into our scrotums." Pardon us while we get that visual out of our heads!

Watch the Wanted 'I Found You' Video