When you're a member of a boy band, encountering screaming throngs of female fans is just everyday business. However, sometimes these fanatics can takes things to the extreme, as Nathan Sykes and his fellow members of the Wanted have learned firsthand.

PopCrush chatted with Sykes recently, and the 18-year-old bachelor shared what it's like getting so much attention and being constantly bombarded by female affection.

"I try not to pay attention to it," Sykes said of the female adoration he receives as one fifth of the Wanted. "Obviously onstage, you kind of lap it up and really enjoy it and take it all in... I'm very much one of them that's like 'I'm just gonna enjoy every bit as it comes.' I think if in like 60 years time, I'm still on my own, I might take to social networking to try and find a girlfriend." [Laughs]

The very funny Sykes also told us about the craziest fan gift the Wanted's ever received ... which just happened to be an actual fan. "We've actually received a fan as a gift," Sykes explained. "Siva was moving out before, and in his moving truck, a fan like put themselves in a cardboard box and Siva opened this cardboard box and a fan jumped out -- she was sweating and everything! And then she asked for a picture! She was pretty much in Siva's new apartment."

The jokester then continued, "We got slightly concerned though because Max put his stuff in storage for a few months and it's still there, and we're a bit worried that her friends might've done the same thing and didn't quite make it out alive!"