The Wanted may have reputations for being bad boys, but they're definitely softies -- at least Nathan Sykes. The 'I Found You' singer reached out the sister of a slain teacher from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and made her darkest hours a little bit brighter.

Sykes reached out to Carlee Soto, sister of Victoria Soto, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, C.T. who hid her students in a closet and stood between them and the shooter, Adam Lanza -- effectively sacrificing her own life to save theirs.

ABC News reports that via Twitter, Sykes invited Carlee, a huge fan of the Wanted, to come see them. "Sending all my love to @ICarlee23 for your birthday! You, Vicki and your family are such an inspiration. Hope you have a lovely day :) xx." He added, "Next time we are in NYC I have arranged for you to come and hang out with us if you are up for that? Would be lovely to see ya xx."

A flustered and ecstatic Carlee replied, "I think I just died A little reading this tweet. I would love to meet you whenever your [sic] in NY. Thank you so much." Nathan responded, "awesome! Will be in touch and let ya know when we are next in NYC :) much love xx."

If you didn't love the Wanted before, we bet you do now. This warmed our hearts!

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