It's going to be 'Gold Forever' for the Wanted. The British boy band, who revealed the cover and title of their upcoming U.S. debut earlier this week, have confirmed that 'Gold Forever' will be their next single, following 'Glad You Came.' The song will drop on iTunes next week, so you and The Wanted will be good as gold.

MTV confirmed the news about this particular song being the much-anticipated next single. 'Gold Forever' is a bit of a shift from their upbeat, platinum-selling romp 'Glad You Came,' instead showing off the boys' more sensitive side. The chorus, which we can imagine The Wanted fans singing along to at all of their shows, goes a little something like this: "We're standing in a light that won't fade/ Tomorrow's coming, but this won't change/ Because some days stay gold forever."

Can you say, "Swoon?"

Another thing we're banking will stay gold forever is The Wanted. They are some adorable British blokes with boatloads of talent. The 2012 British Boy Band invasion shows no signs of slowing down, thanks to The Wanted and those other fine, talented and good-looking chaps known as One Direction.

Need proof? Well, The Wanted have also confirmed a March 20 appearance on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' and will hit mtvU Spring Break 2012 in Las Vegas on April 2. The band will appear on the 'Today' show on April 24, which is the album release date, as well. You can catch them on 'The View' on April 25.

Watch the Wanted 'Gold Forever' Video