It’s good to be a British boy band, especially when the 2012 Olympic Games are taking place in your home region. The Wanted carried the Olympic torch yesterday (June 30), as the relay hit its 42nd day moving through the U.K. The boys carried the fiery scepter in Newtown while wearing white Olympics outfits. They look so summery and Olympics-ready, don't they?

Check out the photo of Siva Kaneswaran holding the torch, surrounded by his jogging bandmates.

The boys shared the image on their Facebook page, simply captioning the shot with: "Will never forget this!" Tru dat, dudes! It's not every year -- make that every four years -- that the Olympics come to one's fair city or country, so the stars aligned for the Wanted to be a part of the torch carrying festivities.

The Wanted also performed at the celebration concert in Birmingham, so all in all, it was a busy day for the boys, carrying a torch and then igniting the stage with a performance. (Sorry, we had to!)

Want to see more photos of these torchbearers? There are plenty for you to view below. The Wanted certainly made crisp, white outfits look stylish while they were embedding themselves into modern British history.

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