There's no beefing between U.K. boy bands the Wanted and One Direction. While the press tries to create some drama between the groups because they are cute, talented and from the same region, the Wanted were quick to shut that down, admitting they support one another. The Wanted, who are a bit older, even invited 1D for a drink … when they can drink legally, that is. We love responsible boy bands.

Speaking to OK! at an album event at Bowlmor Lanes Times Square in NYC, the Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran said, "Love those guys! Really nice guys. And press are making massive speculation. It’s gone crazy, like, we’re not rivals!"

He revealed that the met in the studio a few weeks back by coincidence and while 1D were unsure about the Wanted for a hot second, they made sure to make 'em comfortable. "We went up to them and we’re like, 'Congratulations, we’re proud that your music is doing really well' and 'Yeah, we’ll have to go out for a drink sometime," Kaneswaran said, before adding, "When they can legally drink."

Bottoms up, boys! But only when you are of age.

Turns out the Wanted will admit when they have a legit beef, like their ongoing feud with Christina Aguilera.

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