It looks like Nathan Sykes had a very happy birthday indeed! The Wanted singer and his bandmates took in the sights -- and, let's face it, probably a few other things -- at the Playboy Mansion to celebrate his turning 19.

MTV UK reports that Sykes wasn't too quick to announce his birthday plans, merely tweeting, "Gonna celebrate my bday in style!!" However, a certain Hugh Hefner blew up Sykes' spot, writing, "The Wanted, a UK boy band, had a BBQ poolside while the girls & I were playing dominos. We shot a few photos together." Us Weekly confirmed the activities, with a source saying, "There was a DJ and they mingled with friends, Playmates and Bunnies, and they danced around the pool area."

Sounds pretty PG for what's assumed to be an R-rated place!

Those photos are now on the Wanted's Facebook page. Sykes is pictured with two bunnies, one clad in yellow and the other (who we think looks a bit like actress Minka Kelly) in blue. Us Weekly reports that the band were delightful to be around, with a source telling the mag they were "were very sweet and excited" to be there. They even said that meeting Hefner was on their bucket list!

Sykes had a sweet send off to his 18th year for sure. "Thank you to everyone for all of your very kind birthday wishes," he tweeted. "I had an amazing day so far and I can't wait to be back in the U.K.!"