The Wanted treated their die hard fans to an impromptu acoustic set. It wasn't in a club or at a venue, though. The guys performed on top of a van! Sounds dangerous, right?

Don't worry, though. Thankfully, the van was parked!

The band launched into a sing-along of their song 'Lose My Mind' with some lucky fans following their appearance on 'The Tonight Show.' After a while the guys don't even need to sing anymore, because their crowd does all the work for them. Tom enjoys the set so much that he actually whips out his own camera to record the fans serenading them back!

Just prior to their vehicular show, the guys launched a dance party with the crowd to 'Glad You Came.' It's obvious that they adore their fans, which makes us even happier to see them so successful on this side of the pond.

Watch the Wanted Perform 'Lose My Mind' on Top of a Van