The Wanted
played an intimate gig for iHeartRadio Live in New York City on Friday (March 23) and were gifted with platinum plaques by their label Island Def Jam. The plaques commemorate the RIAA certification of their million-selling hot hit single 'Glad You Came.' Congrats to our fave British boy band … next to One Direction, of course.

David Massey, President of Mercury Records, a division of Island Def Jam, presented a plaques to these fine young gentlemen, who hugged and congratulated one another upon receipt while their adoring crowd cheered them on. "This is the first of many congratulations, boys," Massey declared while handing off the frames. "From the whole Island Def Jam family, I promise you many more of these."

PopCrush is certainly going to agree with Mr. Massey on that assessment. The Wanted have yet to scratch the surface of their potential and they're only getting started with 'Glad You Came.' In this day and age, a million-selling single is a big deal and we see lots of million-sellers and beyond in their future. Up next: 'Gold Forever,' their new single.

We're also "glad they came" across the pond to the U.S.