British and Irish boy band The Wanted are feeling America! During a recent visit to the States, they chatted with Adam Bomb on his radio show. They spoke about the things they love about America, in that cheeky and cute U.K./British way. It's like those sidebar surveys in mags like Cosmopolitan, where celebs list their fave things. The thing The Wanted like best about the U.S.? The nice teeth.

"Everyone has white teeth, massive teeth. Everyone has great teeth here in America," the band said during the radio chat, during which we learned a hodgepodge of facts about the guys!

The ladies that top their "Who do you want to make out with?" list are super hot and of the famous sort: Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis.

Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes are said to get the most ladies, while they all enjoy tossing back Bud Light. Bud Light? Really?

Tom Parker auditioned for 'X Factor' but didn't make it through, calling it "heartbreaking" but with a laugh.

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