British pop stars stick together, especially when on U.S. soil. The Wanted and Jessie J were far away from home on Monday (April 11) but the boy band and the pop diva showed some solidarity. Jessie J played an intimate gig at the Roxy, with the Wanted boys on hand to enjoy the show and allow themselves to be entertained by her. They brought a little bit of the U.K. to L.A., no doubt making Jessie feel like she was in the company of friends and compatriots.

The Wanted boys tweeted about taking in the Jessie J show, posting a message on their official Twitter feed. While they were proudly showing their support for their gal double J, they also gave away their global positioning to all their fans. If any diehards were in Hollywood, they could have easily busted the door of the Roxy down to try to get to the boys.

Below is the tweet posted by the Wanted. Jessie had a rough couple days, especially since a fan who attended a recent gig was stabbed, so to have the Wanted in her corner, getting her back certainly had to lift her spirits.