The Wanted stopped by Britain's channel 4 to take the T4 Speed Test, a race in which the guys were asked a series of nonsensical questions like, "How come you never see baby pigeons?" and "If you could be made of one cheese, what would it be?" The exercise gave the boys a chance to make fun of their fellow bandmates.

When asked, "Which member of the Wanted has the worst personal hygiene?" Nathan answered without hesitation, "Tom." When the guys were asked which member is most popular with the ladies, the reply was "Siva." Max responded "no" when asked if he has ever dumped a girl by text, which prompted one of the guys to say, "That's a lie!"

According to the Wanted's responses to the rapid-fire questions, pigs are the sexiest animals, baby pigeons are never seen because they're shy, if Siva were a girl he'd be called "Sylvia," the guys never change their bedsheets and poor Nathan is the worst dancer in the group.

The Wanted answered 24 questions, falling short of the Speed Test record of 28, held by the 'Skins' cast. Check out how they did in the full video below.

Watch the Wanted Take the T4 Speed Test