The Wanted may as well change their band name to "The Outspoken." The mouthy Brits, who recently dished dirt on Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, have made headlines again with their no-filter attitudes. This time, though, they weren't talking about diva attitudes, but rather Dames. That they would do. You know, like Helen Mirren.

During an appearance on the always hilarious 'Graham Norton Show,' the 'Chasing the Sun' singers met the iconic screen star, and Tom Parker was particularly smitten, telling 92.3 Now FM, "I would bang Helen Mirren."

We're sure she's flattered! Bandmate Jay McGuiness confirmed Parker's lust for the lady who played the titular role in 'The Queen.' "He would do crazy things to that lady."

"She smells of flower and grapes," Parker stammered. Siva Kaneswaran chimed in, "And success." Parker can barely contain himself at this point. "She was great," he gushed. "She said that she thought I was hot, which was cool." Max George affirmed, "Yeah, she fancied Tom out of all of us." Parker continued, "I was like, 'Yes!' I don't usually get that."

Sounds like One Direction's Harry Styles has some competition on the cougar front!

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