The Wanted cuties Tom Parker and Jay McGuiness lend their considerable dancing talents to this K2K Stars video, where a bunch of little girls and teen females dance to Carly Rae Jepsen's irresistible smash 'Call Me Maybe.'

Obviously, the Wanted are a massively popular boy band from the U.K., but what's K2K Stars? Well, we're here to tell you. It's a dancing, singing and acting workshop that promotes positive energy and confidence, which makes it an awesome mission for the youth of today, which can often suffer from self-esteem issues. It's certainly a good cause for the Wanted boys to be involved in, that's for sure.

In the video, the little girls are dancing and grooving and watching young boys backflip and breakdance. At the 1:45 mark, Parker and McGuiness show up amid the crowd, with surprised looks on their faces and standing against a graffiti background. They engage in some '80s and '90s dance moves, but look fine and fabulous while doing them.

Parker and McGuiness have girls sitting on their shoulders and shrieking upon seeing them, the latter being a common reaction they've likely come to expect.

Dance like no one is watching is certainly a mantra applied by everyone in this video clip. We bet K2K Stars are glad they came, naturally!

Watch Tom Parker + Jay McGuiness From the Wanted in K2K Stars Video