Good news for fans who want more of the Wanted! While rivals One Direction released two albums in 2012 alone, fans of the bad boy Brits have been hanging on to one EP for all of 2012. Thankfully, the band has new music on the horizon for 2013 -- and they're more than making up for lost time, with possibly not one, but two albums on deck.

The group sat down with Billboard ahead of their New Year's Rockin' Eve set and promised plenty of good things for the future.

Jay McGuiness (our favorite!) admitted that the band thought they'd have something out by now, but they just weren't satisfied just yet with what they had. "It was meant to be this Christmas, but it wasn't ready yet so … we're thinking around April, we'll have something ready," the curly-topped cutie confessed.

Tom Parker added, "I think we're going to do two albums, one in April and one towards the end of the year, because we've written quite a lot of songs this year. We didn't get to release one at this end of this year so it's probably going to squeeze to next year, hopefully."

The band's next album will include their falsetto-powered single 'I Found You.' We're hoping 'Mad Man' is on the track listing too -- we loved the snippet we heard!