In an attempt to remain entirely on brand even in his endorsement deals and collaborations, The Weeknd has partnered with the company PAX to create a custom-made vaporizer.

PAX’s CMO Richard Mumby said of the Weeknd in a statement, "As one of the most exciting and relevant musicians today, the Weeknd was the ideal artist for an exclusive PAX 2 device collaboration. Abel has a distinct and discerning style, and he has provided a new and unexpected way for us to showcase our brand. We are always looking for new ways to connect with our customers and fans, so this was the perfect opportunity to bring together the Weeknd's style with our technology.”

PAX is also co-sponsoring the singer's The Madness Tour. While partnering with a company affiliated with smoking (both tobacco and weed) might seem risky for most Top 40 artists, it makes sense for the Weeknd. His lyrics are a bit edgier in their overtness, at least when compared to his radio contemporaries, so it's not a far stretch.

For the affordable price of $324.99 you can own a limited edition vaporizer which, according to the official site, features "a custom matte black shell engraved with the Weeknd’s iconic XO logo." Also, "the device powers on to the tune of the number one hit 'The Hills' and has a unique yellow LED light setting.” Technology!

Fans can purchase the Weeknd's vape when attending any of the North American dates of his The Madness Tour, in specialty boutiques or on PAX's official website.