If you were concerned that The Weeknd was headed for a straight-up pop sound, indicated by yesterday's (May 26) leak of his song with Max Martin, "Can't Feel My Face," or the Michael Jackson-inspired "In the Night," we've got some words for you. First of all, let him live because exploring a sound slightly out of his element works for him as is evidenced by both of those tracks, but also his latest release should allay your fears a little bit.

The Weeknd just released a video for his song, "The Hills" which he first debuted during this year's South by Southwest Festival. The song channels the best of his strengths into one neat package: "The Hills" is a moody and dark mid-tempo track with plenty of lyrical references to sex and drugs.

The song's music video was released in conjunction with the studio version of the track and it's an eerie visual accompaniment. The clip starts out by showing a car, totally flipped over, as the Weeknd stumbles out of it. He walks around to the other side to help two women get out of the car. The rest of the video sees the Weeknd -- clearly disoriented, with cuts all over his face -- walking down an empty road until he eventually stops at a mansion. Admittedly, the coolest part of the video comes in the form of an explosion, timed perfectly with the start of the chorus.

Check out the Weeknd's video for "The Hills" above.