The Weeknd released another abstract video -- this time for the fan-favorite song, 'Wicked Games.' The haunting ballad features the singer yearning for the love of a stripper who seems unwilling to reciprocate his advances.

In the black-white-video, we see a beautiful model performing a strip tease in the shadows of the Canadian artist. The video then segues into Mr. Tesfaye singing next to his expensive Mercedes Benz jeep. It's another great visual that follows in the same motif as his previous clip for 'Rolling Stone.'

In the meantime, the Weeknd released the track listing for his upcoming compilation album 'Trilogy.' The LP comprises music from his three mixtapes and features three brand new tracks. The new tunes, which are added to each respective disc, are 'Twenty Eight,' 'Valerie' and 'Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun).' There are only two features on the compilation: Drake on 'The Zone' and the 'Bandz'-throwing expert Juicy J on 'Same Old Song.'

The Weeknd's 'Trilogy' album will arrive in stores on Nov. 13. You can pre-order it on iTunes.

The Weeknd, 'Trilogy' Track List:

Disc 1:

1. 'High For This'
2. 'What You Need' [Music Video]
3. 'House of Balloons' / 'Glass Table Girls'
4. 'The Morning'
5. 'Wicked Games'
6. 'The Party & The After Party'
7. 'Coming Down'
8. 'Loft Music'
9. 'The Knowing' [Music Video]
10. 'Twenty Eight'

Disc 2:

1. 'Lonely Star'
2. 'Life of the Party'
3. 'Thursday'
4. 'The Zone' (Feat. Drake)
5. 'The Birds Part 1'
6. 'The Birds Part 2'
7. 'Rolling Stone' [Music Video]
8. 'Gone'
9. 'Heaven or Las Vegas'
10. 'Valerie'

Disc 3:

1. 'D.D.'
2. 'Montreal'
3. 'Outside'
4. 'XO' / 'The Host'
5. 'Initiation'
6. 'Same Old Song' (Feat. Juicy J)
7. 'The Fall'
8. 'Next'
9. 'Echoes of Silence'
10. 'Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)'
11. 'The Zone' [Music Video]