Roger Daltrey, frontman of classic rock band the Who, has dissed One Direction in a recent interview with the UK's Daily Mail.

"Here we are with the world in the state it is in, and we've got One Direction," Daltrey deadpanned to the site. "Where are the artists writing with any real sense of angst and purpose? There are no movements at the moment: we had mod and then there was punk, but it's so hard to start a movement now. Unless it's ISIS."

Those may be fightin' words, but that doesn't mean that the whole band takes that point of view. In fact, Daltrey's bandmate Pete Townshend didn't blink an eye amid claims that 1D's 'Best Song Ever' sounds seriously similar to the Who's 'Baba O' Riley.'

"It wasn't important enough to get excited about," Townshend responded. "I could hear a bit of the Who in it, but so what? Considering the stuff we ripped off over the years, it doesn't really matter."

Well, there you have it, Directioners. At least we can classify one member of the Who as a Directioner. And speaking of 1D and classic rock…

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