First it was Lauren Alaina, and now it's Thia Megia! The world is dying to know who Scotty McCreery is dating, and apparently rumors have been swirling that he is romancing his fellow 'American Idol' alum Thia Megia.

During an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the radio host asked McCreery about the Thia romance rumors. Seacrest asked McCreery if he and Megia were an item, and the singer immediately laughed it off. "I have never heard that one before. I have to decline that one. Me and Thia? We’re good friends, but nothing more than that," McCreery told Seacrest.

It seems like people really want McCreery, 17, to have a girlfriend! However, the 'Idol' champ and country boy has adamantly denied all dating rumors, including one that he and runner-up Lauren Alaina were an item. Megia, 16, and McCreery were on tour together during the American Idol Live! tour, so maybe that's where the rumors were probably sparked.

Seacrest continued to playfully grill McCreery about his "relationship" with Megia, asking if he did in fact take her to the restaurant Steak N' Shake on a date. "That’s a good restaurant," McCreery laughingly replied. "I had no time. I was the busiest kid out there."

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