Rob 'Rez' Resnick and Cal Shapiro of Timeflies mix all sorts of genres. Their palette consists of pop, hip-hop and electronica, and the end result is unique and indefinable.

Since we have always been so intrigued by their music, we decided to ask Rez and Shapiro to offer us 10 facts, figures and quirky details about themselves. They didn't disappoint. It's a crash course in Timeflies and what makes 'em tick.

They weren't too detailed with their replies, but that only helped them maintain their mystique and left us wanting to know more and wanting to delve further into their tunes.

Find out who is terrified of a nut-loving animal; who has a nail-biting problem; who has never tasted the sweetness of a strawberry -- WTF right?; who didn't graduate; and who is a balsamic vinegar fan.

Anyone notice the recurring theme? The Timeflies dudes clearly like food and eating, but who doesn't?

Get to know Rez and Shapiro a little bit better via this exclusive 10 Things You Didn't Know. Oh, and for fun, watch them play Pop the Question with us.

  • 1

    Rez is terrified of squirrels.

  • 2

    Cal has never had a strawberry.

  • 3

    Rez came out butt first.

  • 4

    Cal bites his nails. A lot.

  • 5

    Rez didn't actually's a long story.

  • 6

    Cal played Nathan Detroit in 'Guys and Dolls.'

  • 7

    Rez played Cowboy Bob in 'Footloose.'

  • 8

    Cal drowns all his food in balsamic vinegar.

  • 9

    Rez eats kiwis with the skin.

  • 10

    One week we made a Timeflies Tuesday called 'How to Boot' after Rez smelled rancid chicken and threw up. We decided it was a little too graphic, so we had come up with something else. The next day, we recorded 'Under the Sea.'