'The Voice' just wrapped its second season, and newly-crowned winner Jermaine Paul has barely had a minute to enjoy his hard-earned status when the news that the third season would air as early as this fall! Rather than wait a year to bring the show back to the schedule, execs are moving fast and have ordered a new season on the quick.

According to The Wrap, the third season of the show will air on Mondays (8-10PM) and Tuesdays (8-9PM). Since the series is NBC's top-rated program, aside from NFL football, this move was both expected and smart. The network will capitalize on the show's enormous popularity and is striking while the reality singing show iron is hot.

But that's bad news for 'X Factor,' which is also expected to air its second season this fall and last season struggled, ratings-wise. Hurry up and solidify those judge's panel positions, Simon!

It’s good news, though, for the new programs that will air after it. There's no better lead in than a show like 'The Voice.' Plus, we're expecting more drama since coaches Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera seem to be feuding. But then again, who isn't Xtina feuding with in 2012?

Come to think of it -- if and when Britney Spears is 100% official for 'X,' this could spark a whole new feud between herself and onetime nemesis/peer Xtina. Draaaammmmmaaaa!

AceShowbiz reports that 'Smash' will return for a second season in mid-season. 'The Voice' was its lead in during its debut season.

What's your take on this news, PopCrush readers? Is it too soon for another season of 'The Voice?' Is it reality singing show overkill? Or are you psyched and looking forward to a new season sooner than later?