Ready for a healthy dose of dreamy, emotive and thoughtful pop, courtesy of Phoenix's own This Century? Well, you're in for it with 'Tip Toe,' which PopCrush is pleased to exclusively premiere today.

The song, which appears on the band's 'Biography of Heartbreak,' out May 14, is a sweet and sincere, crazy catchy track about tiptoeing around sensitive matters of the heart. Despite the heavy subject, the music, namely the choruses, is sun-splashed. It's not about doing something sneaky behind the back of your significant other. In fact, it's much more contemplative than that.

"A lot of people might read into this song thinking it's simply about going behind someone's back or cheating, but in actuality there was more of a sentiment of feeling the fear of not being able to trust someone," This Century guitarist Sean Silverman told us about the song. "That inability to confront the people that you care about. With this record, we really wanted to have songs that carried a heavy message but musically felt driving and uptempo, trying to juxtapose the two ideas."

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